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St. Petersburg, Dynamo Ave., 2B

Phone: +7 (812) 244-06-14


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Diploma in Hotel Management

Next intake: 10/02/2020

Who is the program for?

For those who want to:

  • launch your own hotel project;

  • improve existing skill level;

  • learn how to manage a hotel.

About the program

The program of additional professional education “Hotel Management” is the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in launching and managing hotel projects from successful practicing industry experts.

The program includes 2 modules: "How to open a hotel" and "How to manage a hotel." Students can choose to study as one module, and the full development of the program. Based on the results of training, students create a ready-made business plan for their project and present it to leading professional hoteliers. They also make guest visits to the best hotels in St. Petersburg, get to know the owners and key employees.

5,5 months

program duration




program language 


  • Secondary (complete) general or secondary professional education or 3+ years of industry experience




Program advantages



Live cases from the industry professionals


Contacts with industry experts and employers

Guest lectures

Guest lectures by celebrity restaurateurs and chefs


Guest visits to leading restaurants in St. Petersburg

Leading professors



Food and Beverage


Ruslan Devetiarov

Food & Beverage and 

Wine Studies Professor

Ekaterina Tikhomirova

Hospitality Law


Anastasia Nikolskaya

Hotel Sales and Revenue Management Professor

Konstantin Galtzov

Business Plan




Marketing in Restaurant Industry

Anastasia Nikolskaya

Hotel Sales and Revenue Management Professor


I received an economic education, in 2007 I entered the graduate school of Fineс, but my scientific work quickly started to bore me. Work in communication fascinated me much more. My first serious work was the animated project “Smeshariki”, then the SOGAZ insurance company. After 9 years of working in serious corporate projects, I wanted freedom and creativity: I went to the National Opera Center, which was engaged in organizing tours of world-famous musicians. And then, unexpectedly, I appeared in the cultural editorial office of the 100 TV channel in the project of Sasha Malich “ArtTV”.

Work on television was a turning point for me and an important phase in my life. I realized that professionally I want to do exclusively what I like doing. Then (and till now nothing has changed) I had 2 passions: television and cooking. And I decided to get a second education related to the restaurant business.

For a long time I have been looking closely at various European schools, some were too expensive, some did not fit me for other reasons. I decided to ask Thomas Knoll for advice, and he sent me to the newly opened SWISSAM. And do you know what? It was a very good year! I met wonderful people who became my teachers and friends, like-minded people. We are now colleagues with some of them in the restaurant group DreamTeam Burov and Kokkov, where I am doing external projects and catering.

—  ANASTASIA GLUHOVA, Director of external projects DreamTeam Burova and Kokkova

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