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Information for Foreign Aplicants

Applying for a Student Visa

To obtain a Student Visa allowing foreign nationals to study at SWISSAM and enter the Territory of the Russian Federation, a student needs a Letter of Invitation to apply for a Visa in his/her country of residence.

A student visa is obtained only by the citizens of countries with visa regime between Russia and their home country.

To apply for a letter of invitation, the student needs to provide HR Director of SWISSAM with the following documents:

  • A scanned copy of passport (including pages showing the First Name and Last Name, place, and date of birth, passport number and expiration date) - 1 copy

  • Filled in application form (provided to a student by email)

  • Proof of payment of SWISSAM program registration fee (deposit) or a monthly/term fee.

The process of issuing of a letter of invitation through Russian Federal Migration Service (FMS) takes minimum one month after the application is submitted to the FMS. After the Invitation Letter is issued, it will be sent to the student by express mail/ courier. 

Upon arrival in Russia

To be able to stay in Russia, all international students, including countries with visa and visa-free regime need to register at the place of stay - either at the SWISSAM business school or at a hotel/hostel/apartment. It is a general rule for all foreign students.

Registration of international citizens: 
When the student has arrived in Russia, he/she has to submit his/her passport and a migration card (when applicable) to HR Director of SWISSAM within 3 days of arrival, so that the school can do necessary registration. SWISSAM does not take any responsibility for students who fail to comply with this rule to register within the set timeline.

Alternatively, the registration can be done at the student’s place of residence: a hotel, dormitory. In this case, SWISSAM does not take any responsibility for student’s registration.  

PLEASE NOTE: A student visa and student registration is issued for a period of 90 days stay in the Russian Federation and cannot be extended. For the subsequent stay in Russia, it is necessary to leave the Russian Federation at the end of the 90-day period to obtain a new visa in a home country (for countries with a visa regime) and a new registration in RF for the next 90 days.

As rules for entry to the Russian Federation are subject to change we kindly ask all international students to contact HR Director of the SWISSAM Hospitality Business & Culinary School before any action is taken.

Health insurance for international students

Currently, the voluntary medical insurance (VMI) for foreign citizens is one of the mandatory documents for a legal stay in the Russian Federation.

Health insurance is a mandatory requirement when applying for a Russian visa in most countries.

Moreover, all foreign citizens, including citizens of countries with a visa-free regime, must have medical insurance during their entire stay in Russia.

According to the legislation, in 2018 medical insurances must be issued to every foreign citizen on the first day of stay in the country, regardless of the purpose of entry:

  • Insurance for foreign students

  • Insurance for labor migrants

  • Insurance for children of foreign citizens

  • Foreign tourists insurance


Since May 1, 2016, the minimum insurance amount for foreign citizens was increased up to 100,000 rubles ($ 1,660), this must be taken into account when applying for a voluntary medical insurance.

What is medical insurance for?

First of all, the voluntary medical insurance is one of the mandatory documents for foreign students confirming the right to stay in the Russian Federation.

And of course, a medical insurance for foreign students makes it possible to contact a medical institution in the Russian Federation for medical assistance.

The type of medical care available depends on the insurance type, in particular, on the amount for which a foreign citizen is insured.

Only the first and emergency medical care is available to foreigners in Russian Federation.

First aid

First aid in case of an immediate threat to life and health (accidents, injuries, poisoning and other conditions) is provided by police, military personnel, firefighters, rescuers and other persons with appropriate training.

Emergency medical care

Emergency medical care in case of an immediate threat to life and health (accidents, injuries, poisoning and other conditions) is provided by employees of state medical institutions. Doctors stabilize the patient, further treatment is possible only with an insurance or payment.


All other medical services are against charge. To receive them, a foreign student needs to purchase an insurance covering planned treatment - specialist consultations, tests, examinations, prescription, etc.

Penalty for the absence of medical insurance

Since May 1, 2016, a penalty was introduced for the absence of an insurance for foreigners. If during a check is will be discovered that:

  • a foreign citizen does not have an insurance,

  • or the medical insurance coverage is less than 100 000 rubles,


it will be considered an adminitrative offence and a fine of 5,000 to 7,000 rubles will be issued for the lack of comprehensive insurance of foreign citizens in Russian Federation.

This may entail the imposition of a ban on entry into the Russian Federation, if in 1 year a foreigner commits 2 or more administrative offenses in accordance with the Russian law. 

What documents are required for a foreign student to apply for a medical insurance?

In order to apply for a medical insurance a foreign citizen is required to have the following documents: 

  • a copy of passport or other identification document

  • copy of migration card

Where medical insurance for foreigners is issued?

Insurance for foreign citizens in the Russian Federation is a fairly common service that many insuring companies provide. The choice of insurance companies is large.

In order to be insured, a foreign citizen must apply to one of the insurance companies on the very first day after entering the territory of the Russian Federation.


The insurance can also be bought in one of Euroset mobile phone stores.


If your health insurance expires during your studies at SWISSAM, you need to purchase a new insurance in advance before the deadline.

How much does the insurance cost?

The cost of the insurance depends on the volume of services and the validity period (from 3 months to 1 year).

The minimum of medical services prescribed in Russian law include:

  • ambulatory

  • inpatient care

  • hospitalization

  • transportation

If your health insurance expires during your studies at SWISSAM, you need to purchase a new insurance in advance before the deadline.

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