St. Petersburg, Dynamo Ave., 2B

St. Petersburg, Dobrolyubova ave., 20/1

Phone: +7 (812) 244-06-14


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St. Petersburg, Dynamo Ave., 2B

Phone: +7 (812) 244-06-14


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Career Center

The SWISSAM Career Center is dedicated to helping our students and alumni find internships and jobs in order to gain useful experience and build a successful career in the hospitality industry. We are constantly looking for new partnerships that could provide internship and employment opportunities for our students.

SWISSAM alumni are ready to take leading positions in the following institutions:

  • restaurants, bars, catering and banquets,

  • hotels and SPA-centers,

  • night clubs and casinos,

  • sea and ski resorts, cruise liners,

  • airline and tourist companies and agencies,

  • sales, marketing and PR departments,

  • human resource departments,

  • events and sport management organisations,

  • professional and higher educational institutions, 

  • as well as any other hospitality institutions.


Moreover, SWISSAM alumni have all the necessary knowledge and skills to start their own business.​

The hospitality industry is a very promising international industry. All our students receive individual support and career guidance. We create a development plan, introduce the main players in the industry, help get ready for all the interview stages and get the desired vacancy. 

Our students live and work in prestigious companies around the world or develop their own business. They are given the opportunity to work in different countries of the world: USA, Thailand, UAE, Guatemala, Germany, England, Maldives, Spain, Qatar, Estonia, India, CIS - Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc.

Our students and graduates work all over the world

Professional Development Manager

Polina Borisova


Тел.: ​+7 (909) 587-44-45

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To our partners

SWISSAM is the world-class educational institution in Russia specializing in Hospitality & Culinary Arts. It is situated in the center of St. Petersburg. SWISSAM Hospitality Business & Culinary Arts School is fully accredited by prestigious international educational institutions - International Management Institute (Lucerne, Switzerland), American Culinary Federation, Inc.(New York, USA) and Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality, CTH (UK) to conduct their courses.

At the moment, we also cooperate with leading companies in the service industry: hotels, restaurants, and suppliers.

SWISSAM is constantly expanding the professional network and is always happy to partner with companies ready to accept students for internships and for work.

For partnerships inquiries with SWISSAM University, please contact Olga Lyubenkova, Director of Educational Programs.

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